3 Storey House Designs

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Magnificent 3 Storey House Designs

Providing the luxury of a flexible living space, 3 storey house designs are an increasingly popular option for many larger Australian families.

At Brisbane Unique Homes, award winning luxury home builder, clients who opt to have a three storey home constructed for them, enjoy the benefits of a stunning custom designed residence that delivers unrivalled elevation and eminence. The top level of a 3 storey home allows for the construction of a wide range of exciting additions, such as: entertainment areas, lofts, extra bedrooms, additional storage or sunrooms that offer magnificent 360 degree views.

Ideal for housing extended families or for savvy investors who wish to reap the rewards of having a large number of tenants living a single dwelling, clients can have their house built for them by selecting one of the following methods:

  • Have a 3 storey floor plan designed for them, from the ground up
  • Select an existing design but customise it to your liking by making as many adjustments and alterations as you like

Whichever option you ultimately decide on, our house plans are made to accommodate your lifestyle requirements and satisfy your budget, guaranteeing a multi-storey masterpiece that encapsulates everything you’ve ever wanted in your dream home.

The Ultimate Luxury Residence

At Brisbane Unique Homes, our award winning design team give new meaning to the phrase ‘dream home’, through the expert employment of minimalist, ultra-contemporary house plans and awe-inspiring architectural techniques, all of which are aimed at making the most of your new home’s gorgeous surroundings. If you’re seeking a home that exudes splendour and sophistication, a three or more storey home may be just what you have been looking for.

How 3 Storey Homes Are Divided

A three storey house plan traditionally includes public living areas on the ground floor, with an abundance of open space for entertaining. The second, third (and beyond!) floors are typically reserved for deluxe bedrooms and bathrooms or in some cases, an attic to serve as an additional living area or storage section. The enhanced vertical space offered by three storey homes enable the inclusion of lavish vaulted ceilings, palatial entryways and lofts.

In other cases, clients may opt to instead install a sweeping staircase on the ground floor, which leads to all the way up to the top level, where extra bedrooms, leisure space, and even viewing decks may await. Beyond this, some clients even choose to dedicate the bottom floor to garage and storage, with primary living and bedrooms located on the upper floors — a smart way to take advantage of a hillside block. If you wish to enjoy the superior level of space and opulence offered by a 3 storey home without ever having to traverse the staircases, consider installing an elevator.

The Advantages of Three Storey Homes

  • Vertical separation between private and public rooms
  • Spacious living areas on ground floor
  • Towering foyers, stunning vaulted spaces
  • Third level can be used as a loft, leisure purposes, additional bedrooms, sunroom and more. It’s entirely up to you!

Whether you choose to utilise one of our existing tri level floor plans or elect to have a unique home design created just for you, each of our custom homes effortlessly combine mesmerising architectural stylings with calculated functionality to a deliver a groundbreaking luxury custom home design that sets the bar for modern day luxury living.

Enjoy the view from the top!


Our Building Process – Where Dreams Come True

3 storey house designs


Once you’ve made the decision to build with Unique Homes, you will meet with our managing director, Jim Taylor and the rest of our team in our head office to discuss your plans for building a Brisbane luxury home with us. We will evaluate the plot of land that you wish to build on and explain any difficulties or possible restrictions it may impart on your final home design. We will chat about how much you intend to spend on your new residence and recommend ways in which your budget can be best optimised to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

3 storey house designs


Based on the results of our design meetings with you, our principal architect will set about drafting floor plans and interior designs, which will then be presented to you. Following this, you will be given an extensive range of high quality décor choices to browse through and decide on. Once you’ve made your decision, a detailed cost summary will be composed, based on your selections. Finally, a schedule for your new home build will be created, giving you an approximate idea of when your remarkable new homestead will be ready for you to move in to.

3 storey house designs


At this stage of the process, you are asked to finalise all your decisions regarding the overall design of the home and its interior materials, including those for the kitchen and bathrooms. Once you’re completely satisfied with the exterior and interior design of your new home, the contract documents will be drafted for you to approve and sign off on. All necessary building permits will then be sourced from your local council and construction of your new home can officially proceed.

3 storey house designs


At the commencement of the building phase, your block of land will undergo any necessary excavations so that the foundations can be laid. We keep in constant contact with you throughout the entire building stage so that you’re well informed of how everything is progressing.

3 storey house designs

The Handover

Once construction has been completed, we’ll invite you to meet everyone back at our head office so that we can hand over the keys to your marvellous new luxury home. During this time, you will also be given a portfolio that contains all the necessary building documentation and we’ll schedule dates for our team to come and perform a quality inspection of your property, as part of our complimentary home maintenance package.

Why build with Brisbane Unique Homes?

We create exceptional custom living spaces designed exclusively for you

Many of our clients are often surprised when they discover that a sizeable percentage of the many striking architectural features of our home designs, were in fact spawned from the creativity of customers just like themselves, rather than us. While many of our customers are able to quickly find a three storey house design from our portfolio that they immediately fall in love with, others instead prefer to wield greater creative control over their design and desire to create something that truly epitomises their own unique sense of style.

In cases such as this, our award winning design team will seek to develop a deep understanding of your vision for the ultimate home, based on your thoughts, ideas and every item of visual inspiration that you can supply us with us, such as magazine clippings, digital images and even rough illustrations. Our designers are all veterans of the home building industry and are able to advise you on every area of your new home designs. When you choose to build a home with Brisbane Unique Homes, our senior construction personnel are available to you at each step of the way, able to supply you with immediate updates.

Superior Craftsmanship

The most significant quality of any home building company, is their standard of craftsmanship. It illustrates their devotion to excellence, their commitment to providing value for money and demonstrates their utmost respect for their customers. Craftsmanship is the ultimate symbol of quality and with it, trust in the builder. At Unique Homes, the quality of our homes reflect the quality of the materials used and the expertise of those entrusted with their construction.

As lifelong members of the Master Builders Association (Queensland region), all of our work is in full compliance with industry guidelines and standards. All of this results in an aesthetic masterpiece that is an absolute pleasure to live in, while guaranteeing tremendous investment potential for those who wish to sell their property or rent it out to others, in the future.

We’re a builder you can count on

Unique Homes has been in operation for over thirty years, having been founded by current Managing Director, Jim Taylor. During this time, the company has gone on to establish itself as a leading name in the custom home building market throughout South-East Queensland, having been the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of their immaculate home designs.

When you elect to build with Brisbane Unique Homes, you’re choosing to build with a multi-award winning 3 storey house builder that delivers outstanding home designs, each and every time.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

Fixed Price Contract

All luxury properties developed by Unique Homes utilise a Fixed Price Building Contract. No hidden fees or charges.

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