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sustainable homes brisbaneOver the past several years, the building industry has been upgrading its sustainable homes building practices in Brisbane. There have been many changes in the way a house is built and the types of materials that are used. The building industry is working to be more environmentally friendly and are trying to do their part to lower the impact on the environment. The eco-system is now very fragile and we must all play a part in minimising the damage and repairing what has already been done. The building industry is now leading the way to help protect the environment from further damage by using environmentally friendly products.

Save on electricity bills

Standard in all eco-friendly home designs are things such as timber framing, which takes less energy to produce and clay bricks, which are used in the construction process. Acrylic insulation is built into the roof and into the walls. Acrylic is used because it doesn’t make you itch or scratch the way other insulation can. Being that the insulation is built in, it lowers the need for cooling or heating systems which are a drain on electricity and the environment. Less heat is conducted through the house due to lighter coloured roofs which reflect the heat. Windows on homes are now tinted to help reduce cooling costs and once again reduces the use of electricity.

Solar Technology

Solar hot water systems are now installed as well as solar power which uses back to grid technology. All construction scrap is now recycled and if there is an existing building that needs to be demolished, then the materials recovered are also recycled. All of these things are now standard building practices and instrumental in reducing the drain that electricity places on the environment. Water tanks are now also standard and helps to reduce the need for chlorinated water. Tank water certainly tastes much better then chlorinated water.

Alternate materials

As award-winning builders of sustainable homes in Brisbane, we work hard to find alternate materials to construct homes with. We strive to build luxury homes that lower the impact on our environment. By making all these things standard building practices, we have more then met the goal for sustainable building practices. The building industry is continually finding ways to build smarter and to build in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our eco-system now needs help more then ever, so the more we find ways to minimise the impact, the better. It is time now to preserve what is left for future generations by building with products that help the environment, not hinder it.

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