Most new home builders often underestimate the need for storage space in their new homes. What often occupies their mind during this time is the spa tub they intend to put in the main bedroom, the pool area, the media room, or perhaps the study room they’ve always dreamed of. The last thing that crosses their mind is a storage area. Well, this shouldn’t be so.

Naturally, people are collectors and want a space to keep everything without making their homes look disordered. Also, if you’ve bought or rented a house before the one you currently plan on building, you’ll know that good storage space is one of the first and significant things to look out for before making an offer, and if that is not available, it can be a deal breaker. 

Whether or not you want to think about it, storage space is a significant factor you must consider; even if you don’t particularly care about it, you should at least consider it just in case you’ll want to consider selling the property in the long run.

To help you incorporate extra storage space into your custom home plans. Here are some ideas for both hidden and exposed storage you can follow

1. A mudroom with cubbies

If you’ve ever had a mudroom in your home, you’d realize how important they are, and you’ll never want to go back to not having one. A mudroom lets you easily kick off your shoes and pull off your wet coat before entering your house. However, many people don’t know that a mudroom should always have cubbies or shelves to store winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves.

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a mudroom in your house. For starters, it creates more space in the entrance by keeping everything neatly and safely packed away. Also, it prevents your shoes or coat from getting dusty since they’re not stacked against each other.

2. The perfect kitchen pantry

A kitchen pantry is often underrated when building a home. However, since no one wants to use their entire kitchen cabinet to store foodstuff, it becomes necessary that they construct a good kitchen pantry in their home. It is usually better if a pantry is extensive; however, if it must be small, it should be strategically constructed so that it can easily store whatever food types you plan on storing in it. Imagine how nice it’ll be to have a well-organized pantry that’s easy for you to use and has everything you need so you can spend less time searching through your cabinets and more time enjoying cooking.

3. Hidden storage under your stairs

Most times, the space underneath your stairways is often wasted, but yours don’t have to be so. You can use this area as a storage space when mapping out your custom home design. This is a great way to keep things hidden yet still easily accessible. This storage area is suitable for keeping items like books, collectibles, camping gear and hiking equipment, holiday decoration, etc.


The best part about building your own custom home is that you can fix in as many of these storage ideas as you wish. Create the perfect home that suits your needs and satisfies your dreams.