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For over three decades, Unique Homes have been designing and building award winning sloping block house designs throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland, on some of the most complex and demanding residential plots of land. We deal exclusively with custom home designs, which allows us to provide far more scope for customisation than an ordinary high volume project home builder. If you are contemplating the idea of having a remarkable new custom home built and wish to learn more about how we can help build the home of your dreams atop a sloping block of land, get in touch with us today.

With our in-house team of architects, interior designers and industry renowned contractors, we’ve simplified the home building process to deliver innovative turnkey home designs that incorporate your ideas and involvement at each step of the way.

Why Build a Sloping Block House with Unique Homes?

The biggest decision you’ll have to make concerning your new home is of course the choice of home builder. We intend to make that decision a little less stressful for you by listing the unique benefits of building with us, below.

  • In the 50+ years that we have been in operation for, we have built countless split level homes situated on sloping blocks and other complicated plots
  • As a custom home builder, we’re able to design a breathtaking new homestead that maximises your living space and investment potential
  • Every client has their own specific requirements and individual style preferences. Why move into someone else’s concept of the ‘perfect home’ when you can have a custom home builder design one for you personally, for a price that is similar to what you’d pay for a project home?
  • When you build with Unique Homes, you consult with the managing director himself, Jim Taylor, who supervises the construction of each new home
  • As a builder that deals with a smaller quantity of first class properties, each client is afforded a superior level of customer support. From the initial consultation through to the handover of the keys to your beautiful new residence, we keep in close contact with you, giving you regular progress updates
  • Our split level home designs offer a near limitless set of customisation options. Unlike project builders, any changes or additions to the floor plan does not incur exorbitant charges

The Sloping Block Home Design Process

When looking to build a sloping block house design, the first step is to inspect the land. The evaluation of the land is vital in helping us determine its approximate complexity, allowing us to understand how it will impact the design considerations. It also gives a chance to investigate the adjacent properties.

Upon completing the property inspection, a detailed contour is required to enable our designers to draft a concept drawing. From here, you are able to communicate your thoughts and home requirements to us. Once we’ve established a comprehensive view of your ideal home design, the preliminary design stage can begin.

Once the initial designs have been finalised, a pricing framework is established. The initial designs plainly identify where the splits are to be located in the home, the height of each split and the number of stairs between each level. Developing a sloping block house calls for a considerable degree of planning and home building proficiency.

Structural Guarantee

Financial stability, a peerless reputation coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

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sloping block house designs brisbane


You will be invited to meet with our managing director and design team to discuss your plans for a glorious new home. During this time, we will arrange to inspect your block of land and offer and advise you on how it may affect the design of your home. We will also discuss your budget and how you can look to attain the finest home at your price point.

sloping block house designs brisbane

Design Stage

Based on what was established at your first meeting with us, our architect drafts a series of floor plans and interior designs, before inviting you to inspect the final concept. Upon your approval, we present you with an extensive list of fine quality décor choices to furnish your new home. We then supply you with an itemised list of the expenses that reflect your home design and décor options. Lastly, we create a schedule that provides an estimate of when construction will commence and when your new home will be ready for you to move into.

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During the approval phase, you have the ability to make last-minute changes to the floor plans and building materials. When you are satisfied with all the changes and are ready for us to proceed, the official contract documents are created. Once you have approved the documents and signed them, the building permits will be sourced from your local council so that development of your new sloping block house can officially get underway.

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The construction stage begins by preparing your block of land. This consists of making any necessary excavations, clearing away any existing rubbish and removing any unwanted obstructions, such as large trees. Once the site has been deemed suitable, the foundation can then be laid. During the construction phase, we keep in regular contact with you through phone calls and onsite meetings.


The Handover

When the construction of your new split level home has been completed, you will be invited to our head office. Here, you will be issued with a portfolio containing all the official building documentation, along with the keys to your magnificent new residence. At this time, we also organise the dates for our complimentary post-construction inspection of your home.

Maximising The Potential of Your Sloping Block House Design

As award winning builders of split level homes, we understand the unique set of obstacles that houses built upon sloping blocks can pose. Our wealth of experience ensures that we are able to create fascinating new homesteads that take full advantage of each site.

Our split level homes are built in such a way that:

  • Helps to fortify them against the threat of natural catastrophes such as flooding
  • Optimises air flow throughout the house
  • Makes the most of surrounding views
  • Integrates a range of eco-friendly design features

Thoughtful design of your new home will guarantee that less fill, excavation and retaining walls are needed, helping to reduce costs. Sensible planning also ensures that the driveway’s slope is less severe. The team at Unique Homes are well versed in all relevant building codes and have the ability to circumvent any difficulties that may emerge, concerning sloping house design.

The design and construction of a deluxe split level home is a significant undertaking and we utilise our full repertoire of specialist home building expertise to deliver a stunning home that is free from fault and lives up to your expectations of the ideal home.

Advantages of Sloping Block House Designs

They allow you to have a larger home on a tighter block – even building on a smaller block of land, a split level home design still enables you to build a luxury sized home. This is also an advantage if you wish to use your additional backyard space for pool, alfresco dining area or similar.

They’re value for money – split level homes require less land to build on, thereby saving you money on land costs.

They make the most of the surrounding scenery – houses built upon a sizeable incline will be treated to marvellous views of the surrounding area.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

At Brisbane Unique Homes, all clients are treated to a full suite of benefits, including free home design, free interior decorating assistance PLUS an unprecedented 25 year structural guarantee with each home that we design and build.

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