Rebuilding after a flood

Floods have been very devastating for Australian residents who now have to go through the arduous task of rebuilding after a flood or renovating their destroyed homes and buildings. Third largest city of Australia, Brisbane, is faced with a challenging task of development after huge destruction. There is an increased demand for house builders in Brisbane for the reconstruction projects. Brisbane Unique Homes offers exclusive house building services with improved house designs Brisbane and architecture giving you some of best options for either rebuilding or renovating the building structure.

Brisbane Unique Homes is equipped with highly technical staff who carry out a complete analysis before starting any construction project. There are a number of considerations made when rebuilding a home. The extent of damage caused to foundations, electricity points, ceilings, flooring, structural framing and roofing is carefully analyzed. Once an assessment of the damage has been made, the house builder will be in a better position to advise renovation or rebuilding.

Brisbane Unique Homes has a reputation of building luxury waterfront, acreage and town homes. The company has been servicing clients for more than twenty years.

The Managing Director of Brisbane Unique Homes, Jim Taylor, realizes the current flood crisis and its affect on the home building industry. In light of the widespread destruction caused by flood conditions, he believes many home owners will be looking for options to demolish and rebuild new homes, or to upgrade the existing homes to luxury standards.

“Waterfront land and land that is conveniently located in close proximity to the city will always be highly sought,” he said. “The main thing is to ensure that the homes built on this land are designed to withstand the affects of any future flooding.”

Unique Homes (QBCC 78053) is a company aimed at designing and building each home with specific requirements of the individual. The company representatives carry out detailed meetings with their clients to identify these specific needs before going ahead with the project. Based on expertise and knowledge, they also give valuable suggestions to their clients. Rebuilding after a flood is always a traumatic time for home owners, but Unique Homes has all the necessary experience and expertise to ensure to raise and rebuild existing homes in affected areas.

Wayne and Aida Dawson are of the many satisfied customers. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff not only for the lovely new custom home you have presented to us, but also the wonderful new lifestyle which we now enjoy. We were impressed from the word go with the professionalism of your company. It was an enjoyable experience to sit with your designers where our specific requirements were identified rather than just jumping in. The contractual arrangements were very professionally presented and fully explained to us so we felt really comfortable with everything. Even after completion Noel attended to all the fiddly bits with speed and ease. It appears that client satisfaction is one of your personal motivations.”

The company also offers assistance with interior decorating and a free design with every new home it builds. Brisbane Unique Homes is a renowned name in the Brisbane house building industry.

If your home has been damaged by flood waters or is reeling from the effects of severe storm weather, contact the team at Brisbane Unique Homes today.