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With a history spanning over 30 years, the team at Unique Homes have been designing and constructing award winning homes throughout Brisbane and South-East Queensland, on some of the region’s most pristine and palatial home sites. As a custom home builder, our clients have an enormous amount of freedom and are able to influence even the finest details of their new residence.

From the architectural style and floor plan, to the colour schemes, lighting fixtures and everything thing in between, you are able to add your personal touch on every facet, resulting in a luxurious new home that is quintessentially you. With our team of experienced architects, interior designers and reputable build contractors, we’ve created a streamlined home building process that integrates your input, from concept to completion.

Custom Homes – the smart choice

Choosing the ideal home design can be difficult. After browsing through an endless parade of websites, display villages and magazines, you may find that you still haven’t found that one design that encapsulates everything that you’re after. There might be some aspects of a particular design that appeal to you, such as the dining room or kitchen, but the rest may still be somewhat lacklustre.

If you find yourself in a similar position, then it’s a great time to consider having a custom prestige home built for you. The birth of your desired design, can be born out of something as simple as a sketch on a piece of paper. It’s often from these primitive and meaningless line drawings, that your inspiration can be ignited.

One of a kind home designs

At Unique Homes, we enjoy being able to sit down with you, listen to your ideas, interpret you’re your concepts and develop a remarkable new home design that embodies your vision of the ultimate homestead. An innovative home design that fits your personality, lifestyle requirements and personal budget.

As experienced home builders, we’re well aware of how the design, land type and everything else that constitutes a new home, affects the budget and this enables us to build imaginative yet cost-effective property designs.

Arrange for a free design and quote today and let us help you explore the possibilities for your wonderful new Brisbane home design. Bring along everything that you think will assist us in creating a stunning new custom residence for you.

The Unique Homes Home Building Process

From concept to completion

With a project home builder, you’re generally unable to move straight into your new home, once it’s been built, as there are a number of jobs that are still required to be completed by you, the owner. This may include such things as landscaping, flooring and so on. Sourcing all required materials and arranging to have all of these individual tasks completed by separate contractors can be time-consuming and greatly delay the date that you can finally move in. Often, it is during this time that some new home owners also learn that they’ve neglected to allocate enough money in their budget for the completion of these post-build jobs.

At Unique Homes, we discuss how much you’d like for us to assist in the completion of such jobs, during the estimating and costing phase of the build process. Often, clients are keen for us to take care of all this for them, enabling us to incorporate this into the total price of the home. This is part of our all-inclusive, turnkey home solutions, where once the home is finished, there are no remaining little jobs or chores to complete and you are free to arrange for your personal belongings to be transported to your new home.

Over the years, we’ve established a network of highly regarded contractors, suppliers and tradespeople to complete our home builds, however, if you do have one of the above that you would prefer us to use, then we’ll gladly do so. At Unique Homes, we provide expert advice and services in every aspect of home building, from helping you select the perfect block of land, to subdividing your property, removing an existing one (knock down rebuild), or even acquiring finance.

1) Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, you’ll meet with our Managing Director, Jim Taylor, who will discuss your ideas for the ideal custom home. During this time, we’ll seek to develop a deep understanding of your preferred style, family requirements and personal budget. It is during this time that you’ll be given a chance to browse our extensive portfolio of award winning home designs and we can take a look at any photos that you may have brought along with you.

2) Planning and Costing

At this time, we examine the best possible home designs that can be achieved within your price range. We discuss each aspect of the home and give you a precise estimate of the total costs involved. From here, we then establish a feasible time schedule, including the date at which you can expect to move into your beautiful new home.

3) Dreams to Reality

At this point, our in-house design team sets about transforming everything that has been discussed with you at the meetings, into a workable concept. We determine how to make the most of your plot of land, both in order to obtain the best possible views and for the sake of orienting correctly to ensure optimal air flow and protection from the hot temperatures that prevail during the Queensland summers.

During this time, you’re welcome to make as many alterations to the concept as you wish, until you’re satisfied with the design. Once the floor plans and front elevation plans have been approved by you, we calculate the total building costs.

4) Council Approval

It is at this stage, that we supply you with a comprehensive list of building expenses, along with a list of addons that you may wish to include. Most clients elect to opt for an all-inclusive, turnkey home solution, which allows them to move into their new home, at the end of the build cycle. Once this is done, we take care of the council approval procedure for you.

5) Interior Design and Last-Minute Adjustments

While the home design is in the process of being approved by council, our complimentary interior design service will guide you on choosing an appropriate colour scheme, materials, décor and even major appliances that you may wish for us to arrange to have installed for you. Our interior designers are in tune with the latest home decorating trends can offer inspiration tips that you will have never thought of yourself. They’ll help ensure that your home interior reflects your individual personality and style. During this time, it is also possible to make last-minute adjustments to the design.

6) Construction

Prior to the commencement of construction, we oversee all pre-build work, such as demolition (if necessary) and create a thorough timeline that details all jobs that are to be completed during the build process. Our onsite manager will always be available to reply to any questions you may have and arrange onsite meetings to discuss the progress of your new home. Beyond this, we provide regular progress updates to you, via phone call and email.

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25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

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