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new home designs brisbane

Award Winning New Home Designs Won the Hearts of Brisbane Buyers

The competition among new home designs in Brisbane has become highly intense as they all aim to earn housing industry awards. Besides gaining prestige and recognition that comes with these awards, outstanding new home designs have also been a means of attracting greater interest from potential home buyers.

Brisbane Unique Homes is a company that has been winning a string of awards consistently over the years for their prestigious collection of homes. Tranquility is one of the highly attractive display homes at Coomera Waters. This is the latest in award winning new house designs Brisbane by Unique Homes.

Master Builders Association Award

Tranquility has won the Gold Coast Master Builders Association award in 2010 for the Best Display Home in the $501,000 – $750,000 category. Another award bagged by Tranquility is for The Best Kitchen.

The CEO, Jim Taylor believes there are a number of factors that contribute to the success of the company in getting an award winning recognition for their new home designs:

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    “Experience plays a major role,” he said. “We have been in the industry of custom designed luxury homes for more than 20 years. During this time we have received a great deal of feedback from our clients: What works best; what they would change if they were to build again; what makes their home more enjoyable to live in.

    “We also watch out for the latest trends in the industry. Our highly specialized sales staff works closely with the clients and engages them with our in-house home designers, interior designer, landscape designer and even our pool builder to make sure that the end product is exactly according to client’s expectations.

    “Before we commence any new project, we visit the site to find out about more technical details, such as slope of the land and any other distinct features that might affect the home design. This makes it easier for us to position rooms in the best possible way and take advantage of natural light, prevailing breezes and seasonal movements of the sun. The optimisation of these critical house design elements lead to improved thermal efficiency and reduced overall heating, cooling and power costs.

    “The entire construction process is detailed which enables us to come up with an ideal combination of floor plans with elevations for achieving the best street appeal.”
    new home designs brisbaneThere are new industry benchmarks set by the Tranquility display home. The sloping block house design combined with gracious interior and indoor/outdoor entertaining areas that lend themselves to year round alfresco entertaining.

    First class fittings and materials

    The award winning kitchen has a useful supplement, a second butler’s kitchen, which makes formal entertaining much easier. The living area is followed by a spacious patio, barbeque and pool area.

    There is a private balcony with the master bedroom. The room is separated from its luxurious bathroom by a floating wall. The bathroom is equipped with twin basins, mirrors, a huge shower area and a spa bath. Luxurious fittings are used for taps and hardware.

    The floor plan of the home is combined with an attractive two storey frontage that delivers a lasting appeal and meets the individual needs of a wide range of customers.

    Brisbane Unique Homes (QBCC 78053) has been building custom homes for over 20 years and offers a free design and interior decorating assistance with every home it builds.

    For more information about new home designs in Brisbane, call us today on 5549 2345 or fill out our online contact form.

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