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Award Winning Brisbane New Home Builders

As award winning new home builders in Brisbane, Unique Homes aim to design and construct your properties on time, within budget and to your utmost satisfaction. The building time frame for each project will depend on the size and complexity of the home.

Construction can take anywhere from 20 weeks to 38 weeks, however, as most of our custom homes are larger, 32 to 38 weeks is fairly average. This includes an estimate for inclement weather because not even Brisbane Unique Homes can control the wind and rain.

Project Management That Ensures Maximum Efficiency

The management of the project will be smooth and seamless because we pre-allocate our time and resources to the job properly. We don’t take on more than we can handle and are not in an endless growth phase which tortures our systems, contractors, tradespeople and the team.

The ordering of materials has to be coordinated precisely and must be ready for delivery at exactly the right time. We have a unique project management capability that allows the professional construction of your home to be completed on time and without compromise.

Home Design Stages

Being a builder of new luxury homes throughout Brisbane, we understand how crucial it is to have a reliable workflow that ensures deadlines are always met for our clients.

Below is a breakdown of the entire construction phase, from concept to completion, for one of our typical custom home designs.

As you can see, there’s an exhaustive list of tasks that need to be completed, further highlighting the importance of an experienced, effective project management team to spearhead operations and ensure that your new home is built in a timely manner.

  • Quoting and cost certainty
  • Preliminary – Engineer and Interior Designer
  • Agreement partnership
  • Approval – Development and Council
  • On Site Preparation
  • Surveyors
  • Foundations
  • Concrete Slab
  • Frame and structure
  • Roof and weather proofing
  • Bricklayer and cladding
  • Plumbing and water management
  • Electrical and power management
  • Internal sheeting
  • Cabinet Making
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Completion of fitting and fixtures
  • Detailers and quality control
  • Cleaners
  • Detailers
  • Hand over Inspection
  • Final Detailing
  • Maintenance Program
  • 25 Year structural Guarantee

Award Winning Brisbane Home Builders

If there’s one characteristic that makes Unique Homes one of the most respected new home builders in Brisbane, it’s our team of award winning designers. Since our company’s formation, we have made it a leading priority to assemble a core group of skilled and experienced individuals who can take a client’s initial concept and transform it into an outstanding new custom homestead. If you have home design ideas that you’d like to integrate into your future home, now is an ideal time to visit one of our luxury display homes and chat with one of our design consultants.

Bespoke Home Designs

When you sit down and discuss your ideas with us, our in-house specialists will develop an in-depth knowledge of your proposed design plans, being sure to note the significance of your building location, your lifestyle requirements and your personal budget, to help engineer a wonderful new custom designed home that is practical, innovative and architecturally stunning.

Industry Renowned Home Designers

Our in-house design department consists of award winning architects and distinguished designers who continue to push the boundaries of cutting-edge, contemporary home design, delivering breathtaking custom home designs that fascinate and inspire. Our hand chosen team of skilled artisans are able to make whatever changes to the existing template plans you desire. Alternatively, they can work with you to design your ultimate dream home from scratch, developed from a brand new and totally unique house design. At Brisbane Unique Homes, our clients are given access to a comprehensive library of immaculate home designs from our vast portfolio.

The Build Process – Where Dreams Come True

Once your initial concept has been evolved into a feasible home design by our in-house specialists, we initiate the council approval process for you. Upon receiving council approval to proceed, the construction process officially gets underway. Constructing a house involves many individual steps (see above), all of which are overseen by Unique Homes’ Managing Director, Jim Taylor.

Once the build process has been completed, you will be invited to the formal handover meeting at our head office, where you will receive the keys to your fabulous new property as well as your full set of warranty papers.

Ensuring The Maximum Potential of Each Property

Brisbane is blessed with a fabulous climate and as new home builders, it’s our responsibility to create imaginative home designs that maximise the potential of each property. Typically, when we think about somewhere relaxing that we’d like to escape to, to help alleviate the stresses of our daily lives, we visualise some far away destination. Well, as a client of Unique Homes, we want you to be able to experience that exact same level of luxury and relaxation from the comfort of your very own home.

For this reason, each home that we design and build provides a seamless transition between the spectacular interior components of the house and the natural beauty that lies beyond it. This is an essential part of the design phase and we spend a considerable amount of time collaborating with our clients to ensure that the final build is every bit as extraordinary as they had hoped it would be.

new home builders brisbane

From Concept to Completion

Constructing a luxury custom home is an ambitious undertaking and at Unique Homes, we’ve made the entire experience a whole lot easier by developing an efficient process that carefully guides you through all the steps, from the initial consultation right through to the handover of the keys to your brand new home. With a bespoke home design, you are able to clearly specify your unique requirements, while calling upon the ability of our in-house personnel to fashion your home in your desired architectural style.

An exciting innovation for our clients, our use of cutting-edge computer software allows us to showcase your new home to you, with lifelike digital renders and video presentations giving you a precise idea of what your new home is going to look like, even before it has been built.

Our home design process gives you access to an extensive list of personalisation options, allowing you to configure your home in a way that makes it perfectly suited to your needs. Once the building phase begins, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is getting packed up and ready to move in to your brand new residence.

Giving your home a first class finish

Much more than a practical living space, a custom home is a tangible representation of your personal style and preferences. From the architecture to the interior furnishings, colours and everything else that constitutes your new home, custom homes enable you to be intimately connected with them. Collaborating with our designers, our expert guidance will propel your home’s grandeur and beauty to a whole new level.

There are many different aspects that need to be considered when designing a new luxury home, including lighting (both natural and electrical), colour schemes, building materials, as well as architectural considerations. We’ll advise you on how best to combine all of these fundamental building blocks to accomplish the result you require. Our designers are in touch with all contemporary trends and fashions, enabling them to creatively apply these innovations to your own home.

Technical Aspects

Many of the new custom homes we build are quite complicated, often presenting a number of unique difficulties, both from a design perspective and a legislative point of view. As an established new home builder with many years experience, we’re able to deal with any foreseeable barriers that may be posed as a result of your unique location and home design. Our team will ensure that your new home is every bit as impressive as you imagined it be.

All homes are required to comply with the building legislation for the area in which it is to be constructed. At Brisbane Unique Homes, we take care of council approval process for you. We have a wealth of experience in all matters concerning local building codes and we will advise you if any element of your desired home design could be affected by these restrictions.


Many of our new home designs are inspired by their surroundings or by a distinct setting that our designers seek to imitate. Doing this enables them to design incredibly imaginative living spaces. Before seeing sitting down to discuss your ideas for the ultimate home with us, we encourage you to utilise the aesthetics of your own daily activities to bring forth your own creative energies.

Whether it’s a walk along the beach, a stroll in the park or just perusing a design magazine, use all of these to help you decide which colours you prefer, which materials and textures take your fancy and which features – be it organic or artificial, you prefer. Inspiration for your new home can be found all around you.

Practical Considerations

In a region such as Brisbane that is bathed in sunshine all year round and is renowned for its scorching temperatures during the summer months, it’s imperative that your new home is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum protection against the elements while at the same time, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful weather during the cooler months. Such practical considerations are instrumental in the overall design of the home and we discuss this with you during your initial meetings with us.

new home builders brisbane

Fixed Price Contracts

Brisbane Unique Homes is a respected name in the Queensland home building industry and our reputation for excellence has afforded us strong financially stability. All of the homes that we design and build utilise fixed price contracts, ensuring that there are no unexpected budget blowouts that suddenly appear when the final payments are due. This is particularly crucial when building on sloping blocks or difficult sites where building costs can rapidly escalate.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

At Brisbane Unique Homes, all clients are treated to a whole host of special benefits, including free home design, free interior decorating assistance PLUS an unprecedented 25 year structural guarantee with each home that we design and build.

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