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Award Winning Brisbane Luxury Home Builders

As award winning Brisbane luxury home builders for over 30 years, Unique Homes have consistently set the standard for excellence in residential design and construction. At Unique Homes, our philosophy is simple; design homes that exhibit breathtaking aesthetics, unprecedented functionality and utilise the latest in advanced, eco-friendly innovations.

We take great pride in designing and constructing marvellous luxury Brisbane homes that embody our core principles and our continued success has allowed us to accumulate a robust portfolio of remarkable home designs that cater to the lifestyles, budgets and personal tastes of our clients. Unique Homes has evolved into one of the region’s most respected names in the Brisbane home building industry, acquiring a long list of distinguished awards and accolades in honour of their achievements.

The Ultimate Dream Home

Our clients span a diverse range of demographics, from younger families with multiple children, to empty nester’s, retirees and those looking to have a custom home built purely for investment purposes. While every client that comes to us has their own reason for desiring to have a custom designed home built, their wish to attain a fabulous new residence is something that they all share.

Each exclusive new home that we design is a meticulously planned work of art; a painstaking exercise in careful research and skilled execution. As custom home builders, our goal is to replicate our client’s vision of the perfect home. With an entire team of experienced designers and builders at our disposal, we can grant that you that incredible dream residence you have always longed for.

In-House Design Team

The in-house design personnel at Unique Homes fully understand that particular blocks of land and client specifications can often call for an entirely new home design to be drafted from scratch, but irrespective of whether the home is based on a pre-existing template or a totally new bespoke design, the trademark characteristics of a Unique Homes home build will always permeate through.

One of the greatest benefits of having a custom home built with Unique Homes is that we have access to our own team of architects, so there’s no need to consult with a third party designer in the event that you wish to have an exclusive home design. Everything is handled by our award winning designers, in-house. No matter what your home design requirements may be, we can transform them into a magnificent new custom home for you.

The Unique Homes Experience

Customer satisfaction means much to us than simply designing and constructing a remarkable new home within the estimated timeframe. Each client is treated with the highest level respect and decency throughout the entire build process, not just at the beginning and end. We conduct ourselves with an impeccable sense of professionalism, honesty and integrity at all times. Our many decades of experience in the residential building industry has enabled us to constantly optimise our building process, resulting in a customer experience that is free from turmoil and anxiety.

Once construction is complete, you’ll be invited to meet everyone back at our head office so that we can hand over the keys to your glorious new luxury home. At this time, you will also be issued with a portfolio containing all the necessary building documentation and we’ll schedule dates for us to come and inspect your property, as part of our complimentary home maintenance package.

From Concept to Completion

Building a luxury custom home is a demanding process, particularly for those who do not possess any prior experience. For this reason, Unique Homes has created a streamlined process that helps to simplify the entire building experience for you, from concept through to completion. With a custom home, you are able to define your precise home requirements and utilise the expertise of our design team to choose your preferred architectural style. Best of all, through our regular updates, you are able to see your magnificent new residence begin to materialise right before your very eyes.

Our home design process enables you to access an unprecedented number of customisation options, while our team deals with all the essential details and handles the building red tape. Once the construction stage commences, the only thing left for you to do is sit back, relax and ready yourself to move in to your spectacular new home.

Taking the aesthetic to a whole new level

Beyond being a mere home to you and your family, a luxury custom home is the manifestation of your personal style. Working with our award winning building and interior designers, you’ll be able to take your home’s aesthetics to a whole new level. There are many factors that must be taken into account when creating a breathtaking new residence that captivates and inspires.

This includes lighting (including the effects natural light), colours, materials and architectural considerations. Our guidance will help you integrate all of these elements to achieve the outcome you desire. Our team is familiar with the very latest in contemporary styles and techniques, allowing them to effortlessly tailor them to suit your individual taste.

Technical Aspects

Many of the custom homes that we design and build are quite complex and carry their own unique set of challenges. As an experienced Brisbane luxury home builder, we understand the various hurdles that may be encountered for your particular home design and we’ll develop a plan that ensures that you are able to have all the components you desire, while operating within the limits of your land, chosen materials and other factors.

Each home must come comply with the laws and regulations of the local council in which it is to be constructed. At Brisbane Unique Homes, we handle the entire council approval process for you. We are well versed in all aspects of building compliance for all areas throughout South-East Queensland and are able to advise you on any particular council restriction that may impact your home design.


Many of our luxury home designs are influenced by their immediate location or from a specific setting that our design team wishes to replicate. Doing so allows us to develop truly innovative and incredible homesteads for our clients. Whether you’re having a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll along the beach, going on a picturesque walk through the mountains or simply sifting through the pages of a design magazine, inspiration for the colour palettes, materials and interior and exterior features can be found everywhere.

Practical Considerations

In an area such as Brisbane, that receives an excessive amount of sunshine throughout the year and is accustomed to very hot summer temperatures, it’s essential that your new home is carefully designed to ensure maximum air flow and comfort. Such practical considerations are of vital importance when designing your home and our team will discuss this with you at length during the consultation.


Structural Guarantee

Brisbane Unique Homes works through all projects using very well tested systems which ensure your home is built to meet or exceed all relevant specifications.

There are even some current building practices which are quite legal but we won’t use them because we don’t think they are as strong and sure as some proven but perhaps more expensive methods.

The end result is that your home is built to the exact standards as Company Director, Jim Taylor’s own houses are built.

No short cuts and that’s why we can offer an unparalleled 25 Year Structural Guarantee.

Plus a 6 month maintenance program that really makes us unique in every way. Now that’s confidence

Brisbane builder and experience at hand. So all up we design your home, build your home and guarantee your home is rock solid.

A 25 Year Guarantee is a very serious undertaking and that can only occur because our company is financially sound and because we build with precision.

The owner Jim Taylor is personally involved in every home built and that’s guaranteed too.

A wonderfully unique 25 Year Guarantee.

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