Families building a new home today are better placed than ever to achieve real value for money.

Brisbane Unique Homes has been building individually designed, luxury custom homes for over 30 years and in the current economic climate, buyers are often pleasantly surprised when they sit down to discuss their ideas with the company’s experienced, in-house design team.

Director, Jim Taylor says his company has recently completed a number of individually designed custom homes for no more than it would have cost to build similarly sized and specified project homes.

“Our free design service allows us to work very closely with our clients; to develop homes that complement their individual lifestyles while still meeting their budgets,” he said. “The service also extends to free site inspections. This allows us to design a home that is perfectly suited to its individual site and surroundings and as environmentally friendly as possible. We also specify each home down to the finest detail, resulting in fewer misunderstandings during the build process and allowing us to offer fixed price contracts incorporating a generous warranty period.”

Mr. Taylor warns the current economic climate is encouraging many builders to offer optimistic home owners increasingly unsustainable incentives.

“Delivering value for money doesn’t always equate with offering the lowest construction price or the most ‘free’ inclusions,” he said. Ultimately, if a building company is to remain in business, they must recover the costs of these inclusions in one way or another.

“Project builders offer a wide range of home sizes and different designs but they work to very fine margins. Hence, there is little room for variation to accommodate personal ideas or site adjustments. Buyers soon learn that even slight amendments to standard plans and specifications come with hefty price increases.

“For example, it’s not uncommon to find display homes specified with very expensive optional extras over and above the base price quoted. There can be enormous variations in the price of tiling, kitchen and bathroom taps, stoves and wall ovens, cornices, skirting boards, architraves, and door hardware. When buyers take our standard services and inclusions into account, they are often very surprised by the value for money we offer.

“The real joy of building comes when buyers move into their new home. Unique Homes is one of few builders offering clients a free interior design advisory service to make moving in so much more rewarding and enjoyable,” he concluded.

Brisbane Unique Homes (QBCC 78053) has been building custom designed luxury homes for over 30 years. Despite the current building downturn, the company has maintained a healthy flow of new builds throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW over the past 2 years.

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