Do You Know Your Builders Qualifications?

Deciding to build a home is a very exciting time in a person or family’s life. Realising this dream and taking steps to turn it into a reality is an opportunity that we need to make the very best of. When looking for a company to take on our building project it is vital that we are aware of their home builders qualifications. By doing this you can be assured that the building of your home will be hassle free from the concept and design right through to the finished project. So what do you look for in a company when choosing the right one to build your custom home?

Firstly we need to know that they are registered and have a BSA licence. With this established we can be assured that the builders have undergone the appropriate training and have all the skills and knowledge needed to build a polished product. The builder should be able to look at your house designs and provide a plan from these, which meets council regulations. They should also then be able arrange submission of these plans and arrange for inspection of building work throughout its progression. Arranging delivery of materials to coordinate with stages of building and dealing with contractors and other persons involved in the building such as lawyers and financial institutions should be part of the service.

Many home building companies have a team of qualified builders to ensure that all aspects of building a home are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. They will deal with issues such as organising subcontractors and negotiating rates of pay. This in turn enables them to be able to make tenders, or quotes to the client and stick to the cost quoted. As building progresses, professional builders or building companies should be able to oversee the work of the subcontractors and make sure that the quality of building is of an acceptable standard and are working, as far as possible, to the timeframe set for the building of the home.

Once you have established contact and created a relationship with your chosen building company, you should be able to sit back and enjoy just watching your home plans become a firm reality. Before your eyes your home will be created and you will be able to go with the flow choosing colour schemes (both interior and exterior) and d├ęcor to suit the design of the home that is evolving before your very eyes. Choose carefully and be sure to check licences and ask about experience and qualifications, and before you know it you will be sitting back enjoying your first night in your new abode!