Converting a brand new house into an actual liveable home, is not just a matter of filling it with furniture and moving in. A welcoming home makes visitors feel relaxed, and at ease. Often this atmosphere is created naturally by the occupants, but there are some things that a new home owner can do to deliberately increase its effect.


The theme determines the style of construction i.e. Federation, Retro, Colonial, Ultra Modern, Futuristic etc. Good taste determines that the theme should logically flow throughout the house, from the colours used on the walls, tiles, bench tops and so on, through to the window dressings, furniture and floor coverings. For example, it would seem incongruous to build an ultra modern house, paint the interior in 1950s colours, and fill it with furniture made from recycled Australian bush timber.


Colour is a personal choice, and some people have a natural flair for getting it right. For those who don’t, one rule surrounding colour will stop the worst excesses and create surroundings that are pleasant and calming. Choose from either warm or cool tones. Warm tones are based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangey reds etc. Cool tones are based on blues, greens, pinks, purples, magentas and blue-based reds.

By identifying a preference for either warm or cool tones, and not mixing the two together in the same room, the amateur decorator won’t be in a situation where the room is complete, but just doesn’t “go together”. This is a simplistic explanation as colour science is complex, but sticking to this basic rule will save a lot of frustration.

Personal Touches

Personal touches are the final things that make a house a home. These are the items that people take with them from one residence to another, and define their personality and backgrounds. Family photos, art works, a wall clock or ornament inherited from a grandparent, a special rug etc. Often these things may clash with the overall theme of the house, but are still proudly displayed and in so doing, don’t look out of place.

These are all matters of taste, and no-one can say that an individual’s choices for their own home are right or wrong. However, the atmosphere created by the occupants and a well-conceived home design can help create a ‘vibe’ and develop a sense of charm and character that transforms your residence from an ordinary house into a real home.