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Fixed Price Building Contract

The Benefits of Building With Unique Homes

As Queensland Master Builders, Brisbane Unique Homes is unique in many ways and that has direct benefits for you, as the home owner:

  • Once we have agreed on the home to be built, an all-inclusive price will be quoted which is locked in, guaranteed. That’s it.
  • It makes dealing with us easy, predictable and very straight forward. No hidden surprises or budget blowouts.
  • Our contract is industry approved and we pride ourselves in being transparent in all our dealings.
  • It is comforting to know that the owner and CEO of Brisbane Unique Homes, certified Queensland Master Builder, Jim Taylor will personally supervise your new home construction.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our satisfied clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

Unique Interior Decorator

This is pretty tricky stuff and bringing together a complete interior colour scheme can be mind boggling and can often require a marriage counselor.

We can’t solve domestics but we can help avoid them with our full time Colour and Design consultant. It doesn’t cost extra because it’s all part of our unique service.

Just think about it…tiles, paint, trim, architraves, bench tops, ceilings, furnishings, fittings and the list goes on and on. We don’t tell you what you should have but we will take your ideas and design philosophy and make it work.

Now that might mean a contemporary edge, conservative, pastels or earthy colours or even a retro look. We help without you needing sedatives and we do it so you’ll be convinced it was all your idea. Win Win!

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