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With two conjoined houses occupying a single block, duplex designs offer you the ability to maximise the value of your land. With close-knit and compact living becoming increasingly popular, especially in metropolitan areas, dual occupancy is the smart way to ensure the greatest investment potential for you. As award winning Brisbane builders of groundbreaking duplex home designs throughout Brisbane, we specialise in the delivery of dual occupancy properties that accommodate your style preferences, your living requirements and your budget. For further information about our duplex offerings, contact us today to arrange for an obligation-free consultation.

Duplex Home Design

Home builders will sometimes claim to have a set of standard duplex blueprints that can be applied to different plots of land, but the reality is, such blueprints are simply not feasible. Building a property that contains two houses side-by-side, presents unique challenges that aren’t typical of ordinary single home designs. Dual-occupancy properties require a custom design solution that takes into consideration such factors as the style, size and complexity of your land plot, your goals for the property and your budget constraints. Working in close collaboration with our in-house design team, we’ll create you the ultimate duplex home you have always dreamed of.


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The Advantages of Building a Duplex Home

The cost of building yourself a magnificent new duplex abode in Brisbane is less expensive than you might imagine, and the investment qualities are highly appealing. Building a duplex home provides a number of key benefits to investors, including:

  • Privacy – although each property shares a central wall, there are no shared rooms or entrances. Each dwelling is completely independent of its adjacent property, fitted with its own separate amenities, bedrooms, yards and in most cases, garages as well.
  • Income potential – whether you’re looking to build a duplex home and live in it, while renting out the adjoining property, or buying it purely for an investment with the intention of leasing both dwellings, duplex housing offers strong investment opportunities.
  • Better than a granny flat – when it comes to selling, duplex homes are typically much more attractive to home buyers, than an ordinary house and granny flat combination is
  • Strata title is optional – the option to have no strata title enables you to enjoy a greater rental income

Is a Duplex Home Design Suitable for My Block of Land?

Before you consider having a duplex constructed, there are a number of issues that need to be taken into account, such as:

  • Council zoning laws – your block of land must be larger than the minimum required
  • Drainage – it will need to be established that your land won’t create drainage or stormwater issues

All local councils have building guidelines readily available for you to view, to ensure that there is no confusion over compliance requirements.

The Best Way to Profit from Duplex Home Ownership

Multiple properties on a single plot of land will typically strengthen your equity. Creating subdivisions and constructing multiple low upkeep residences uncovers a wide range of money-making possibilities, including:

  • Renting each property out to enjoy multiple incomes streams
  • Sell each property outright for a significant lump sum return
  • Live in one property and sell the other
  • Live in one property and rent the other out to help pay off your mortgage sooner

Single or Two Storey Duplex Homes?

Both single and double storey duplex homes have their own set of unique pros and cons. Single storey homes are desirable for retirees or couples who either don’t have children or whose children have since moved out of the home. Families also typically favour single storey residences as staircases can be a burden where infants and younger children are concerned. Also, single storey homes attract superior build times, which is a big advantage for those who are keen to move into their wonderful new home faster or who simply wish to start profiting from their investment sooner.

Double storey duplex properties are space savers, first and foremost, making them ideal for densely populated areas and also for maximising your income return, if you’re going to be renting your properties out. Beyond this, the extra storey provides better views and for parents with teenage children, the top and bottom storeys can be great for offering a sense of privacy.

Why Unique Homes?

  • Award Winning Designs: Over the years, we’ve been awarded numerous accolades in recognition of our home building designs
  • A Rewarding Experience: The entire home building process; from the initial consultation, through to the design, construction and eventual handover of the keys to your brand new duplex, we guarantee that the entire experience is an enjoyable one. Having a brand new luxury residence designed and built for you is a special moment in your life and one that should be treasured forever
  • Only The Best Materials and Craftsmanship: All businesses live and die by their reputation. At Brisbane Unique Homes, we aim to ensure that the highest standards of excellence are present in everything we do. All contractors employed by us are proven master tradesmen with unblemished work records. Additionally, all materials used our in work is of the finest quality
  • Regular Site Inspections: Every duplex building project undertaken by us, is under the direct supervision of managing director and certified Queensland master builder, Jim Taylor, who has presided over the construction of countless luxury homes throughout Brisbane
  • What Our Clients Say: Our clients are the ultimate judges of the services we provide. To hear their opinion on their experiences with us, please head on over to our client testimonials page.

25 Year Structural Guarantee

Financial stability and a peerless reputation, coupled with an unmatched level of experience developing first class luxury homes for our clients, enables us to offer an astounding 25 year structural guarantee with all luxury homes built.

Fixed Price Contract

All luxury properties developed by Unique Homes utilise a Fixed Price Building Contract. No hidden fees or charges.

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Whether you’re looking to build and sell or build and lease, duplex homes offer outstanding investment opportunities. To find out more, arrange for an obligation-free consultation with Unique Homes today. Award winning Brisbane duplex builders.