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luxury designer homes

Luxury Designer Homes

With quality blocks of land in Brisbane becoming harder to find, many home owners are buying existing home sites in established suburbs. This often results in land costs surpassing those of the home being built, making it vitally important that…

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home builders qualifications

Home Builder Qualifications

Do You Know Your Builders Qualifications? Deciding to build a home is a very exciting time in a person or family’s life. Realising this dream and taking steps to turn it into a reality is an opportunity that we need…

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luxury custom homes

Genuine Value in Luxury Custom Homes

Families building a new home today are better placed than ever to achieve real value for money. Brisbane Unique Homes has been building individually designed, luxury custom homes for over 30 years and in the current economic climate, buyers are…

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small compact luxury homes brisbane

Small & Compact Luxury Homes

Empty nesters comprise an increasing number of Brisbane’s new home buyers. While many have enjoyed their large, often quite luxurious family custom homes, changing needs are creating a demand for easily maintained, yet equally comfortable small luxury homes. Unique Homes’…

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custom designed homes appeal

Custom Designs Have Increased Appeal

Jim Taylor has been building custom designed luxury homes for over 30 years. Through his company, Brisbane Unique Homes, he has completed some of South-East Queensland’s most spectacular and inspiring homes for literally hundreds of discerning clients. Mr Taylor takes a…

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build new home help economy

Build A New Home and Help the Economy

To many of us, building a new home may seem like a wasteful enterprise. Isn’t buying an existing home a better idea, since you’re not creating more waste along the way? Surprisingly, building a new home is actually much healthier…

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award winning homes brisbane

Award Winning Homes Attract More Buyers

Competition among home builders for housing industry awards has never been more intense. Apart from the prestige and recognition associated with winning various award categories, these outstanding designs generally attract far greater interest from potential home buyers. Brisbane Unique Homes…

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new home builder brisbane

New Home Builder Brisbane

Unique Homes, New Home Builder Brisbane Everyone wants to own the house of their dreams. Not all of us, however, are able to fulfill this dream very easily. Those of who have achieved the house of their dreams are then…

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prestige home builders brisbane

Prestige Home Builders Brisbane

Are you looking for quality prestige home builders in Brisbane………     It is a good idea to carry out some research and find out more about the reputation of the builder before you entrust them with your most prized…

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avoid home building budget blowouts

How to Avoid Home Building Budget Blowouts

Luxury home builder, Brisbane Unique Homes, who for over 20 years has specialised in building new homes on waterfront and acreage sites, says an increasing number of potential home owners are approaching them with projects that have blown out in…

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eco friendly home designs brisbane

Eco-friendly Homes Popularity Increasing

Brisbane Eco Homes With the market for new homes taking a turn for the better, new Brisbane home buyers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly solutions for their family’s enjoyment. Jim Taylor, Unique Homes’ managing director is embracing the trend. He believes…

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finding the right brisbane builder

Finding the right Brisbane home builder

Tips for finding the right Brisbane home builder Building a new home can be a very exciting thing. However, it involves a whole lot of planning and consideration. Considering the amount of money that you will be investing, it definitely…

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luxury homes brisbane

Home Design Trends

Unique Homes of the Future Some of Australia’s most unique and fantastic designs would have to include The Sydney Opera House and Canberra’s Parliament House. They are innovative designs worthy of much applause and recognition. Other Australian architectural designs worthy…

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waterfront property brisbane

Brisbane Waterfront Property Builders

Renowned Brisbane Waterfront Property Builders Wanting a Unique Home for your Waterfront Land What a fabulous dream. For many of us this is just a dream. However if you are one of the fortunate few that have managed to snatch the…

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House Design Elements

Building Using House Design Elements When you are building a new home you not only want it to be beautiful, you want it to be functional, sustainable where possible and incorporate house design elements that make your home unique and…

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home floor plans brisbane

Home Floor Plans Brisbane

Getting Your Brisbane Home Floor Plans Prepared One of the most rewarding experiences in life is to build your own home. It can be very exciting to have the house built according to your customised requirements. Each individual or family has…

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house designs brisbane

Modern House Designs (Brisbane)

Things to Look for in Today’s Modern House Designs If you’re lucky enough to be building your very own home, you may want to make it as modern as possible. There are many important characteristics to be found in contemporary homes;…

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modern home designs brisbane

Modern Home Designs Brisbane

Unique Homes……creators of modern home designs in Brisbane Brisbane Unique Homes strive to build modern home designs that reflect style, sophistication and individuality. Not only does this pique the interest of potential home buyers when it comes time for owners to sell,…

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Residential Home Builders Brisbane

Are you looking for quality residential home builders in Brisbane? When you want to have a new home for yourself, you need to research as carefully for residential home builders in Brisbane, same as you would for a home. Whether…

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Sustainable Homes Brisbane

Are you looking for quality sustainable homes in Brisbane? Over the past several years, the building industry has been upgrading its sustainable homes building practices in Brisbane. There have been many changes in the way a house is built and the types of…

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acreage home builders brisbane

Acreage Home Builders Brisbane

Making Your Way to Acreage Living – Brisbane Acreage Home Builders Award winning Brisbane Acreage Home Builders Building a new home is a very exciting time. You are at the beginning of a new lifestyle where everything in the home is…

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acreage living brisbane

Acreage Living Brisbane

Make a Tree Change – Acreage Living Brisbane Acreage Living in Brisbane – the relaxing alternative to hectic suburban life Life in the city or suburbs is sometimes unavoidable for many reasons. People who have health problems often need to be…

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waterfront homes brisbane

Brisbane Waterfront Homes

Building High Quality Brisbane Waterfront Homes Living on a beach or around a river can be a luxurious and relaxing experience that most people dream about. It is very important to choose the right Brisbane waterfront homes builder, otherwise this dream…

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brisbane new home builders

Brisbane New Home Builders

Brisbane New Home Builders – What to Look for When it comes to building a house, and you are looking for Brisbane new home builders, there are a few sharks out there that will take advantage if you don’t know…

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