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Brisbane Unique Homes are your experienced Brisbane builders. We specialise in luxury custom designed new home builds that represent tremendous value for money and provide outstanding investment qualities. The company is proudly owned and operated by the Taylor family who have lived in the Brisbane area for over 50 years. The Principal, Jim Taylor, is an acclaimed home builder who has built 1000’s of custom designed homes. Unique Homes designs and builds every home to suit the owner’s specific lifestyle and investment requirements.

As award winning Brisbane Builders, we never build the same home twice. Just one look at our display homes and portfolio will have you falling in love with the clever styling and individuality that we instill within each of our designer homes.

For many years, Brisbane Unique Homes have set the standard for groundbreaking home design and construction throughout South-East Queensland. The Unique Homes philosophy is simple; create homes that demonstrate aesthetic mastery, unrivalled functionality and incorporate the latest in cutting-edge, energy saving technologies.

We design and build breathtaking luxury Brisbane homes that embody this very philosphy and our enduring success has allowed us to accumulate an impressive portfolio of remarkable home designs that complement the lifestyles and budgets of our clients. Since its establishment, Unique Homes has steadily grown to become one of the preeminent figures in the Brisbane home building market, attaining a wealth of prestigious accolades for their achievements while forging a peerless reputation for custom home building excellence.

The Ultimate Dream Home

Clients of Unique Homes constitute a broad spectrum of demographics, from young couples and large families to empty nesters and retirees. Whilst it’s true that each client of Unique Homes has their own personal motivations for electing to have a designer home built for them, their desire to own an awe-inspiring residence that radiates class and comfort, is something that they all share in common. Our internal design personnel work in close collaboration with each client to devise a custom home solution that caters to their specific needs.

Each custom home that we design and construct for our clients is a purpose-built work of art; a precision-made exposition of their original concept. In simplest terms, we design and engineer tailor-made living spaces that augment their existing lifestyle. Our considerable experience in the Brisbane home building industry has allowed us to create a catalogue of exquisite contemporary home designs that can be readily adapted to suit a client’s budget, lifestyle requirements and building site.

In-House Design Team

Our in-house design team understands that complex building sites and client specifications can often necessitate the need for a whole new home design entirely, but whether your custom home is built from one of our existing plans or a brand new design, the trademark qualities of a Unique Homes property are always plain to see in every single home we build.

At Unique Homes, innovation doesn’t require third party input. One of the many benefits of building with us is that an architect’s expertise is freely available to you. Our award winning in-house design team manage all manner of custom work and they are just one of the reasons why we are able to offer complete turn-key solutions to our clients. At Unique Homes, you have the convenience of being able to request whatever design features you desire, helping to ensure that the final design is one that appeases your interpretation of the ultimate dream home.

The Unique Homes Experience

At Unique Homes, customer satisfaction means much more than merely delivering a magnificent new custom home, on time and on budget. Our clients expect the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and integrity from us, throughout the entire building process, not just at the beginning and end. Our exhaustive experience in the home building industry has enabled us to refine and perfect our entire build process, from the initial concept, right through to the completion of the house and hand-over of the keys.

Two Storey Homes

When you select Brisbane Unique Homes to build your spectacular new custom home, you are guaranteed a home building experience that caters to your precise requirements and expectations. It all begins with an initial discussion at our head office, where you’ll meet with Managing Director, Jim Taylor and our design team, to discuss your plans of building an exquisite new luxury home. Once a concept has been drafted and approved by yourself and by council, construction can officially commence. During this time, we remain in constant contact with you to ensure that you are fully aware of your new home’s progress.

For a complete list of tasks involved in the construction of a two storey custom home, please visit our building time frame page.

Single Storey Homes

A significant portion of our single storey home clients call upon our services due to their disappointment with the offerings of regular project home builders. Such builders provide far less opportunity for customisation. If you desire a single storey home that is quintessentially you; one that is imbued with your style, is made specifically for your family’s requirements and fits within your budget, then you simply must choose a custom built single storey home.

Our award winning team of in-house designers, builders and contractors specialise in the construction of stunning single storey homes that are like no other. Don’t settle for a single storey home that is based on the same floor plans of countless others, get in touch with the team at Unique Homes today.

Narrow Block Homes

Narrow blocks are common throughout many suburbs of Brisbane and with the frighteningly expensive property values these days, building vertically on smaller plots is a far more cost effective solution. The prevalence of more cosy and compact land sizes has meant that designers and builders of houses that are suitable for such land sizes are in hot demand. We have extensive experience working with more practical-sized plots and can create a magnificent new home custom design that ideal for your land space.

Split Level Homes

Split level home designs are ideal for houses that are situated on sloping blocks. There are number of regions throughout Brisbane that have blocks that possess a considerable incline. We can work with you to fashion an exceptional new custom built, split level residence that is perfect for your family needs, your budget, while carefully negating any challenges that your particular block of land may present. For more information concerning our split level home designs and to arrange an inspection of your proposed building site, call us now.

Advantages of Custom Home Designs

Create the ultimate home design – with a project home, you can only select from a limited number of home designs and your options for diverging from these pre-existing designs is similarly restricted. With a custom home on the other hand, you have the freedom to make every decision concerning the overall look and feel of your dream residence. Choose your desired architectural style (Art Deco, Contemporary, Victorian – to name a few), layout, interior and exterior colours, lighting, appliances and everything in between.

It’s optimised for your budget – despite garnering a reputation for being more expensive than a project home, each custom home is purpose built with your specific budget in mind. You decide the size and quantity of elements that make up the home and along with it, its overall price. With a project home, the base price may be lower, but home buyers quickly discover that even slight modifications of the standard floor plan, will often attract an extortionate price hike. At Unique Homes, we work with fixed price contracts, so the price you’re quoted on the initial contract will never change.

Environmentally friendly design – Queensland is famous for its year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, so it’s crucial that each home design makes use of the very latest in environmentally friendly techniques and technologies. At Unique Homes, each home that we design and build is eight star energy efficient and implements a wide array of sustainable living devices, including rainwater catchments, grey water recycling devices and AAA quality insulation and building materials. All of these components combine to ensure a home that is less harmful to the environment and more cost-efficient to run. Day to day running costs can be further reduced by buying energy efficient appliances and installing solar panels.

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