For many home buyers their dream is to purchase an existing home. While this is still a very exciting time it’s not quite the same as choosing the design of your very own home and then seeing it come to life, ready for you to be the first to live there. While the idea of going through the process of building a new home may seem like an intimidating one, it doesn’t need to be. Here are a few reasons why building a new home is better and what to look for when choosing your designer.

The pros of building your new home

Once you have a good look at the comparisons of buying existing vs building new, it will be easy to see why building is your best option. Take your cash flow for example. While both will certainly cost you money, when you build, there are areas in which you can save your precious dollars for other things. Whether you buy existing or build, you are required to pay stamp duty, however when you are building your home from scratch, you only have to pay stamp duty for the land alone. On an existing home, you will be expected to pay stamp duty on the land as well as the value of the house. Where kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, you may end up paying more in the end if you buy an existing home. This is because in existing homes the chances of appliances and fittings being older and needing replacement are higher. When you build a new home, everything is new. So on top of the fact you know you have many years of life left in these items, they are also modern and more likely to be as energy efficient as possible. This means lower electricity bills and a smaller footprint on the environment. Who can argue with that?

What to look for

This is a very important part of the process. A builder who offers a free design service to clients shows a real commitment to helping the customer attain the home they wish to have. Whichever style you are after, your concept should easily be brought into reality. An experienced and enthusiastic design team who is skilled at interpreting dreams into reality will work with you and strive to design your custom home just as it should be. Once the building of your home is underway, you should be able to expect the project management to be efficient and effortless. The builder should see that contractors and trades people are coordinated accordingly to ensure your home is built within a reasonable time frame. This will be discussed with you, taking such things as inclement weather into account.

Clients are never disappointed when the right steps are taken to build their unique dream home.