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Acreage Living Brisbane

Make a Tree Change – Acreage Living Brisbane

Acreage Living in Brisbane – the relaxing alternative to hectic suburban life

Life in the city or suburbs is sometimes unavoidable for many reasons. People who have health problems often need to be close to doctors and hospitals. Petrol costs are another thing to take into consideration where daily commuting is necessary. These necessities often interfere with our enjoyment of life and sometimes lead to marital problems. This is when many people have to make lifestyle changes, often changing jobs where less stress is involved, or less travel required. Others opt out of their present situation altogether not only changing jobs but the area they live in. They find either a sea change or tree change is in order.

Advantages of having a custom home built on acreage

When people move to other areas they often toss up between buying a home or having one built to their own needs. Those with mobility problems will choose ramps over stairs, especially where wheelchairs are necessary. The opportunity of designing your own custom home and having it built for you is a plus for everyone that chooses this option. There has never been a better time to experience the joys of acreage living in Brisbane and there are many home designs on offer to suit the needs and style preferences of every home buyer. You will benefit by taking time to visit display homes that are open to the public. Even though you have definite ideas of what you want, you will be surprised at how they can be enhanced when you view these homes. It is definitely worth the effort.

If you are fortunate enough to find a home you love that you can move into quickly, you won’t need to engage acreage home builders in Brisbane. For those who do, find a builder who will sit with you while you discuss your needs and ideas for your dream home. If you have ideas that you may not think can be made possible, let them know. Some firms will amaze you with their versatility and success in bringing ideas to fruition. If you can find a home with acreage, or acreage to build on in an area you love, you will have made an even better decision.

A sense of freedom

Living on acreage gives one a sense of freedom. So much space to enjoy and never feeling closed in. You can enjoy a view that isn’t built out and even have ponies for the kids as well as swings and slides. Build a chook pen and enjoy free range eggs while the kids will enjoy collecting them. You will also have plenty of room for cats and dogs to roam. Plenty of room for flower gardens and growing vegetables too. The kids will also enjoy growing and picking the vegetables with you. Kids love running, riding bikes, and playing hiding games. With acreage they have one big playground. Whether it’s a tree change or sea change, do yourself a favour and choose acreage.

For professional advice on how you too can enjoy the wonders of Acreage Living in Brisbane, speak to us today at Unique Homes.

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